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The Budget & Appropriations Process — March 14, 2024

The Budget & Appropriations Process — March 14, 2024

Date: Thursday, March 14, 2024
Time: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
Location: FiscalNote Global Headquarters — 1201 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 6th floor Washington, D.C. 20004

Navigate the fiscal labyrinth of Washington led by CQ, the most trusted source of insights for following and navigating Congress for 75+ years. This course will dissect the monetary mechanics of the Biden Administration's anticipated FY25 budget request. We'll provide valuable context on how delays in FY24 appropriations could potentially influence it, and how the fervor of the election cycle might disturb the traditionally serene process of budget formation.

Lunch is included with the cost of registration.

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    In this course you will learn:

    • Comprehensive details about the Biden Administration's FY25 budget request, empowering you with knowledge of upcoming fiscal priorities.

    • An understanding of how the current FY24 appropriations delays could impact future budgetary decisions, providing context to interpret upcoming fiscal agendas.

    • Insights on how the political dynamism of the election cycle could buffet the delicate budgetary process, equipping you to anticipate procedural challenges and strategize accordingly.

    • Essential themes, trends, and tactics inherent in the budget and appropriations process, bolstering your expertise in budgetary advocacy and policy-making.

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    Learn from our team of experts

    The program is led by Stephen Salfeety, Managing Director of CQ, who has 23+ years experience working in and alongside Congress. Steve is joined by some of the best policy reporters and legislative analysts in the U.S., who are able to provide meaningful insights into both how Congress is designed to work, as well as how it actually works.

    The Budget & Appropriations Process sample schedule

    8:15 AM   —  Welcome and continental breakfast

    9:00 AM   —  Formal welcome and introductions

    9:30 AM   —  Session: The Budget Process
    How is the administration’s budget created, and what does it mean for how Congress handles it’s part of the process? More importantly, does the process even matter anymore?

    10:15 AM —  Break

    10:30 AM —  Session: Defense Authorization
    A great example of authorizing legislation, the NDAA is unique in that it is almost always passed. We will use this as a comparison tool.

    11:15 AM —  Session: Authorizers vs. Appropriators
    Having covered the authorization, we delve more deeply into how that differs from appropriations.

    12:00 PM —  Catered lunch break

    1:00 PM   —  Session: Historical Appropriations Trends
    A review of where we are, not just in recent years, but also looking at long-term appropriations and budgetary trends.

    1:45 PM   —  Session: Current Year Outlook
    How far along in the process are we, and how much will the election cycle impact the passage of the bills?

    2:30 PM   —  Break

    2:45 PM   —  Session: The Congressional Appropriations Process
    We will examine how the entire process is supposed to work and compare it with how it actually does. We will use real-world examples to demonstrate the challenges of completing the entire process each year.

    3:45 PM   —  Reporter/editor Q&A

    4:30 PM   —  Wrap-up

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    About CQ

    Founded in 1945, CQ was created to help readers understand the real life implications of their government, by providing in-depth information about Congressional activity. Today, we help you stay one step ahead of U.S. legislative activity with unmatched Congressional data, insights, analysis, and award-winning news. As the preferred legislative tracking service of Congress, CQ pairs innovation with experience and provides over 30 years of valuable data at your fingertips.

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